Security Screen Doors Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors are screen doors with a grille for enhanced security. They can be safely opened up to light and air without compromising security. These doors can be designed as swinging doors, sliding doors or rolling doors. They come with a wide variety of colors, styles and features. Security screen doors have a grille with or without a metallic screen at the external side of the door.

Outer Frame and Grille

The outer frame of the grille is made of stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum. Bars or grills made of galvanized steel or aluminum fill the inside of the frame. Grilles have a large number of hinges. This makes them harder to dismantle.


The screen is generally made of aluminum mesh. These are very effective for bug control. Many of the security screen doors are made of wire meshes of stainless steel. The number of mesh layers can be from 3 to 20 or more, depending on your requirement. Bars, grilles and the meshes are connected to the outer frame by rivets, screws, wedges, welds or crimps. 

These doors are little heavier because of the added security features, but installing them is not difficult.

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