Security Window Screens

Security window screens resemble insect screens, but are stronger to prevent forced entry. These screens provide home security while still permitting ventilation.

Stronger materials for better security window screens
Security window screens are made of steel rather than fiberglass or aluminum and can be coated to resemble regular insect screening. The tougher material resists knives and the weight of a person trying to force entry through an open screened window. The steel mesh is sandwiched inside a frame that is bolted together tightly so the mesh panel cannot be pulled out.

Security window screen safety
Security window screens are permanently mounted, unlike removable insect screens on windows. Screens should be hinged on one side and latched to facilitate emergency exit in case of fire or other emergency. As with all window security measures, it is important to ensure that window security screens do not impede evacuation while keeping intruders out.

DIY installation
Because security window screens are meant to be tamper-proof, cutting the screen mesh to size and installing it in the frame requires specialized tools and is more complicated than replacing a fiberglass window screen. Once the screens are professionally made to measure, a homeowner can install them as a DIY project.