Sedimentary Rock

Sedimentary rock is a type of rock and is one of the three primary types of rocks. Rocks in this family include rocks such as chalk, limestone and sandstone. Sedimentary rock will usually split easily.

What Can Sedimentary Rock be Used For?

All types of sedimentary rock share a common characteristic and that is that they split relatively easily. This lends them to a number of different uses in regards to construction and decorating. One of the most common uses of sedimentary rocks is for use in gardens as both a garden frame and directly over the dirt to provide an attractive method of preventing weeds.

Due to the fact that the sedimentary rock can be easily split they function very well in the process of building attractive walls. They can be used outside for building simple half walls for patios and walk ways, or inside in the construction of an attractive half wall. The fact that they can be split allows people to easily build relatively level structures using them.