Maintain a Healthy Lawn the Natural Way Maintain a Healthy Lawn the Natural Way

Reliance on chemicals for your lawn care can create a too-green look that lets the neighborhood know that the only green thumb at your house is the one pressing the fertilizer spray. Following a few simple procedures will create and maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn that any homeowner can be proud to own.

First, you must remember that lawns are living things, plants, and as such, they need to be nurtured to thrive. Feeding and watering your lawn is essential to the health and look of your lawn.

If you mulch the lawn with the grass clippings as you cut, you will be returning valuable nutrients to your lawn. Cutting the grass to about 2/3 of its height will allow the grass clippings to sink in between the plants and allow them to feed and nurture the lawn, rather than suffocating it by laying on top when you cut the grass to about 1/3 of its height. Plus, you do not have to pay for the mulch!

Next, lawns need to be watered, but not over-watered. Over-watering your lawn can cause disease to take hold of it. When watering your lawn, you should water it slowly and deeply, so that there will be less run off and fewer puddles. Also, water will be able to reach the roots of the plants. The extra time you put in will be worth the result.

You may need to rent an aerator if you have compacted soil. If the soil is compacted too deeply, you may want to consider hiring a professional to aerate your lawn. Aeration will also allow the water to penetrate more deeply to the roots. Early spring is the best time to do this procedure.

To improve the health and look of your lawn, you can purchase a lawn seed mix prepared for your area of the country. Seeding the lawn is especially beneficial after aerating. For the best results, seed liberally.

Rather than using pesticides, apply compost to introduce healthy microorganisms that will help combat lawn pests. Not only will the compost produce a healthier lawn by reducing pests, but it will also provide nourishment for continued, greener growth. Applying compost once a year should be sufficient.

Weeds steal valuable nutrients from your lawn. Weed the lawn in the early spring and late fall. Several long handled tools are on the market that make the job easier. Teenagers are always looking for a few extra dollars as well. Hiring a teenager might not provide a perfectly weeded lawn, but it will reduce the number of weeds that you will have to pull.

If you find that you simply do not have the time to properly take care of your lawn, reduce the size of the lawn. Sometimes too much of a good thing can become a burden. Introducing low maintenance plants for groundcover, adding a small garden, or designing additional walkways can all decrease the amount of lawn in your yard.

A healthy, beautiful lawn can be yours if you follow the above guidelines. Remember to be kind to your lawn and it will be green forever. Most importantly, remember that an ounce of labor is worth a pound of verdant lawn!

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