Select A Eucalyptus Variety That Will Thrive Select A Eucalyptus Variety That Will Thrive

The eucalyptus tree is admired for its wonderful fragrance and the brilliance of its flower. Choosing the right eycalyptus plant for your garden, however, can be difficult. There are over 700 varieties of eucalyptus, which can thrive in an assortment of different conditions and climates. The plant itself is most commonly found in Australia where winters tend to be mild.

Average Climates

Most eucalyptus trees thrive in average temperatures of around 20 degrees F. The Cider Gum and Snow Gum varieties are typical specimens and both can thrive in temperatures as low as 14 degrees F if they are planted in locations that receive protection from frost and cold ground.

Warm Weather

Several eucalyptus varieties need extremely warm weather to survive. The Ghost Gum, Mindanao Gum and Weeping Gum can all experience growth of over 10 feet in a single season when grown in temperatures of between 30 and 40 degrees F.

Cold Winters

At the opposite end of the scale, several specimens that are particularly hardy and can survive in freezing temperatures. The Alpine Cider Gum, Silver Dollar Gum and Omeo Gum have all been known to live with temperatures as low as -5 degrees F.

Finding a Specimen for your own Climate

When selecting a variety of eucalyptus, remember that young plants can be reared inside during colder months. However, the eucalyptus can grow to over 300 feet tall so indoor growing will not be practical for more than a year or two.

Several resources are available that grade individual varieties of eucalyptus by climate zone. These zones can be easily cross-referenced to provide the optimum temperatures for sporadic growth and should make selecting a suitable specimen much easier.


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