Select and Install Cabinet Hardware: Knobs

What You'll Need

Well-working and appealing cabinet hardware knobs are essential for every kitchen. However, you do not need to pay for a costly installation in order to have the knobs that best fit your cabinet or to install these properly. You can accomplish all of this yourself by following the simple guide below.

Step 1 – Selecting Bit Size
The first step to installing your cabinet hardware knobs yourself is to select the appropriate bit size that will fit best with your chosen hardware. You can do this quite easily through trial and error. Simply try inserting various bit sizes into the back of the knob to see which fits best. This is one of the most crucial parts to this installation and should not be overlooked. Your bits need to be the correct size or else your knobs will either slide off easily or will be too big for the holes that you drilled. As such, take your time when selecting the bit because it can greatly influence the success of your overall project.

Step 2 – X Marks the Spot

The second step in the installation of your cabinet hardware knobs is to find the location where the knobs will be inserted. To do this, you need to first find the center of the cabinets. This can be done by measuring the width and length of the cabinet and then halving this number to find the appropriate location. The knob should be placed to the right if the hinges are on the left and vice versa. Once again, you should take your time on this part of the installation or else your knobs will be crooked and the door will open awkwardly. A tip for this step is to match up the center point with the center of the middle hinge on your door. This is generally the best verification of the location.

Step 3 – Install the Hardware

The final step in this installation is to drill the holes and install the cabinet hardware knobs. If you are dealing with a knob with only one screw, you can simply drill a hole in the center point you found in step 2, and insert the knob in this location. However, if your knob has 2 screws, you should make sure that the center of the knob matches the center point of the cabinet side you are working on. You want the 2 screws to be an equal distance away from the center point. Once you have determined the appropriate location, simply drill the 2 holes and screw in the knob. Also, you need to be very careful when drilling your knobs to make sure that you do not damage the rest of the cabinet face.