Select the Best Storm Door For Your Home Select the Best Storm Door For Your Home

When deciding which storm door is best for you, consider the style of your home, your family makeup, the climate in your area and how you will use your door.

The different styles of storm doors create a specific look and feel for a home. Some let in more light, others allow breezes to cool the home or allow air to circulate.

Full View

Full view storm doors have a piece of glass that covers the entire interior of the door. The only solid part of the door is the outer frame.

Some of these doors allow you to remove the glass and change it for a screen during the spring and summer months. This allows you to open the door of your home and leave the storm door closed but still have air circulation into the home.

The full view is an excellent choice for an elegant look, if you have an attractive front door that you want to highlight, or if you want a great deal of sun in the home.

Two Panel or Crossbuck Traditional Doors

Traditional storm doors have a glass or screen upper panel and a metal or wood lower panel. These doors have decorative finishes on the lower panel. A two panel door has two vertical, raised panels that are parallel, and a cross buck has a raised “x” shape in the lower part of the door.

These designs are merely decorative. You will also find traditional doors with no design in the lower panel.

Self Storing. A self storing storm door has a glass upper panel with a screen. During the spring or summer months when you want less hot sun and more air, you can slide the glass down into the lower part of the door, leaving the screen only. This is more convenient than other doors that require you to remove and store the glass.

Storm Door Materials

Wood used to be the most common material for storm doors, but now vinyl clad aluminium is by far the most common.

It is a much more durable material and longer lasting. It is maintenance and rust free.

Wood storm doors, however, allow you to finish the storm door to blend in with the rest of the home décor, and do have a rich look about them. They need to be painted or stained frequently, however.

Security in Storm Doors

You may also want to consider the security of the door as you look at storm doors. There are two specific features you can look for in a storm door that will increase the security for your home.

First is laminated security glass. This glass is very strong and resists breaking. It will slow or stop a thief hoping to break the glass of a storm door and then unlock the door by reaching inside. This is particularly useful on a full-view storm door.

A multi-point locking system is another security feature that will add to the safety of your family. These lock systems have two or more latches and/or bolts fastening the door to the frame, making the doors more difficult to break into.

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