Selecting a Bath Tub Drain Fitting

There are a number of different types of bath tub drain fitting, from the ordinary variety that is blocked by a plug to ones which have a flushing part on the end which allows you to unclog the drain. Whatever kind of drain fitting you choose, you should be looking for one which will fit the style of your bathroom and complement the colors and patterns in the room and in the house in general. Keep your eyes open for bargains that can really make your bathtub look a million dollars, but which won't break the bank.

Rubber Plug Drain

This is the most standard type of drain fitting for your bathtub, and you can find many different examples to suit your needs, from the usual short drain to a much longer one which can reach even a slightly misplaced pipe. Shorter drain fittings like these have a brass nut ending, which is connected to a pan under the tub, and then drains towards a floor space. The longer drain fitting has a female socket ending, which can be fitted directly onto a pipe, but it still will not touch the floor of the bathroom, meaning that you don't have to worry about transferred leaks. The most traditional of all the drain fittings, you should be able to find one which is cheap and convenient for your usage.

Metal Plugs

In a variation on the metal plug drain, you can find a drain which has the metal plug attached to the it, which can be lifted up and lowered through the use of a metal button on the top of the plug. This is perhaps a more hygienic and tidy way of plugging your bathtub, although for lovers of tradition, it may be a bit of an eye sore at first. It certainly serves its purpose better than the types of plug which are easily lost on the side, or which fall down the side of the tub, and they are not really more expensive than the traditional version.

Drain Snake Plug

One type of plug which may be best for homes which suffer a lot of plumbing blockages is the drain snake plug. This type of drain fitting actually has a brush or auger inside the drain, and when this is pushed through the drain via a plug on the surface of the tub, it helps to get rid of dirt and debris. This is perhaps not the most efficient way of cleaning the drains, as you have a permanent drain snake attached to your bath tub, but if you are looking for a quick and convenient way of flushing your drain thoroughly, and need to do it regularly, then a drain snake attachment can offer that sort of solution to your problems.

There are a number of other types of drain fitting, from china drains which fit in with the molding of the plug to ones with different grilles and shapes.