Selecting a Medicine Cabinet for Your New Bathroom

medicine cabinet

Choosing the right medicine cabinet is among the decisions you will have to make when renovating your bathroom. Although it may seem simple, there are a number of things you need to consider when choosing a medicine cabinet. Even though the choice is personal, you want to make sure you can live with your decision for years to come.

Recessed or Surface Mount

The first decision you will need to make about your medicine cabinet is whether you want it to be recessed into the wall, or simply hung on the wall’s surface. This choice will depend greatly on how extensive your renovations are. If you are completely gutting your bathroom, then installing a recessed medicine cabinet will be no problem. If your bathroom retrofit is just a coat of paint and new accessories, a medicine cabinet mounted on the wall is the easier choice.


Medicine cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, from a standard rectangle to the most curvaceous of new-age designs. A classic oval or circular medicine cabinet may be more to your liking. Consider the entire decorating scheme of your bathroom project before choosing a particular shape for your medicine cabinet. Remember that a traditional rectangular medicine cabinet will have more storage space and will turn more freely on its hinges.

Mirror or Cupboard

Deciding whether your medicine cabinet’s door is a mirror or a door to match the other cupboards in your bathroom depends on where your medicine cabinet is located. If your medicine cabinet is to be positioned over the sink, then a mirrored door is the best option. When your medicine cabinet is off to the side, especially if it is recessed, you should match the rest of the cabinetry in your bathroom.


If you have decided on a mirrored door for your medicine cabinet, then the cabinet’s finish will be the least of your worries. Most mirrored medicine cabinets are standard factory wall mount varieties with painted steel sides and shelving. On the other hand, a cabinetry style medicine chest should fit into your new bathroom’s decor. Have your medicine cabinet made and installed by the same company as the other cabinetry in order to ensure consistency.


It may not seem important, but the hardware on your medicine cabinet can make or break the overall look you are trying to achieve in your bathroom renovation. Your medicine cabinet’s knobs and hinges should match the hardware you are using throughout the bathroom. Remember that you will be opening and closing your medicine cabinet many times a day, so don’t take the cheap route or you will be finding yourself replacing either the hardware or the entire medicine cabinet in the near future.