Selecting An Adjustable Ladder

Two main styles of adjustable ladder exist. You should choose the style most suited to the job you want to do.

Extendible Ladders

To reach heights without owning a lengthy ladder, you need a telescopic or extendible ladder. Popular uses for these ladders include accessing and cleaning rain gutters. This adjustable ladder extends quite easily with a second length of rungs nested into the main section. Sometimes you can also extend it by use of a rope and pulley system.

Extendible ladders should always be used by two people, one working up the ladder and the second ensuring the base does not slip. Ladders that extend often have a splayed bottom section. The wider base helps prevent it from falling sideways.

When in use, extendible ladders flex quite a bit because of their length and the way they are constructed. You can provide additional security for these ladders with ladder hooks, which secure the top of the ladder to a window sill or the top of a wall.

Folding Ladders

As the name suggests, you can fold a folding ladder. It has two sides joined at the top, and it opens like an inverted "V." Retaining cords prevent the two sides from spreading too far.

This type of ladder is quite stable and can be used safely by one person. Although this kind is very stable, you should not use it by yourself if the ground is not solid or level. Often the treads on one side of the ladder are flat like stair treads, while those on the other side are round.

This type of ladder is ideal where you don't need to reach a great height. Popular uses include replacing light bulbs, pruning fruit trees or trimming hedges.

Some folding ladders include a platform by bridging the top rungs on each side with a broad plank. This feature can enable you to work at a height without having your feet restricted and also give you a feeling of security.

Extending Folding Ladders

If you want to use a ladder on stairs, you can get a folding ladder with one side that you can either extends or fix at a particular height. Be aware of the width of the stair treads. If the tread is too shallow, it may not be safe.

When you select an adjustable ladder, you will make the best decision if you have a good idea what you want to use it for. Two main styles of adjustable ladder produce a number of variations. An important variation is the height they are designed to give you.