Selecting and Placing Rocks in a Rock Garden

A well-planned rock garden can add beauty and style to any landscape. This feature makes an excellent stage for displaying colorful perennials or other beautiful flower plants. Read on for tips on things to consider when selecting and placing stones in a rock garden.

Choosing Rocks for Your Rock Garden

The type of rock that you choose will depend a lot upon a few factors:

  • Your location
  • Your budget
  • The size, color and texture you desire

If you have many varied sizes of stones and boulders on your property, you have a wide variety of choices as these rocks will generally blend well with your landscape setting. It is always best to choose rocks that blend rather than contrast with your yard’s natural environment.

If you're planning on buying the rocks, pick them outyourself. Ordering rocks from a supplier or a local hardware store is usually not a good idea as the products may not be accurately described and may appear much different than you imagined.

Also, you should also choose rocks that are porous and soft. Harder rocks take a lot longer to achieve the “weathered” look that most rock gardeners appreciate and desire. Pick rocks that are similar in color and texture as you don't want any single rock to stand out against the others.

Rock Placement Considerations

Before you begin placing rocks, make a sketch of rock garden to get a good idea of how you want the finished project to look. Place large boulders firmly into the ground before moving onto the smaller rocks. Always leave room for flowers and plants you may plan for or decide to add later. Use smaller stone chips or gravel to fill in areas like crevices or to help hide pumps or water sprinkler heads.

When placing your rocks, ensure that you leave room for irrigation trenches or other types of drainage in your rock garden. When you add flowers and plants later, you will needgood drainage to maintain beautiful flowers and plants in your garden.