Selecting a Desk Top Water Fountain for Your Home or Office Decor

tabletop fountain surrounded by plants and candles
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If you take pride in the appearance and presentation of your home, you're probably always on the lookout for anything that will enhance the look and feel you've established.

As you've probably discovered, renovating from scratch is something that nearly always takes longer and costs more than originally planned, so any chance to make tasteful additions that manage to both fit in with and add to your current décor should never be overlooked. One feature that has become increasingly available to consumers in recent years is the indoor water fountain.

Water features—both indoor and out—make great additions to any well-kept home, and they have a number of uses and benefits. Outdoors, an ornate fountain can make a great centerpiece for the yard.

A fountain can also double as a birdbath and fish pond, attracting wildlife you might never have known existed in your area. Indoor fountains can be equally pleasing. The final result you end up with will depend on the style you select, where you place it, and what the room is used for.


Dark wood built-in desk

Table top water fountains are the easiest water feature to install in your home. While some are mains powered, completely stand-alone units can be purchased which run on batteries, negating the need for an unattractive cord.

A battery powered unit is most suitable if the fountain is to be placed in a central location like a coffee table in your living room, or the dining room. Similarly, a fountain placed on a mantelpiece or cabinet might not have a handy power outlet, or anywhere to stealthily run a power cord.


Decorating a room is usually an exercise in something half-way between engineering and art. A room needs to be useful and accessible, but also aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to central fountains, however, there's not much to it: Depending on your current style, a fountain in a central place should itself be symmetrical, meaning square and circular shapes are most suitable. If the table the fountain is to be set upon is rectangular, a fountain of roughly the same shape will probably go well with it.

There are various models available, and mains-powered fountains certainly require much less maintenance than the battery-powered variety. Because of this, they are perhaps better suited to less central locations, such as on your home or work office desk, your bedside tables, or on side tables along a hallway.

Particularly when set upon a desk that you actually use, you will want the fountain well off to one side and out of your way. When used like this, asymmetry in the fountain isn't merely not a problem, it can actually enhance the look of the room. Even in central rooms like your lounge or dining room, a fountain can go well off to one side, or on a small corner table, without really taking up much additional space. You can balance the look by offsetting the opposite corner with a lamp or indoor plant.


Woman stretching at her desk

While the placement of the fountain is important, the style you choose is no less important. If you err here, you run the risk of having a fountain that looks artificial, out of place, and tacky, even if it is an otherwise nice fountain. Once positioned, you want the fountain to look like it belongs there, and depending on your own decor, possibly like it has always been there.

When it comes to actually making the choice, the trick is to look at the room you already have. What colors have you used for the drapes, table cloths, walls, upholstery, carpet, and ceiling? The obvious fountain for you is one that fits in with whatever scheme you're already working on. This doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be the same color. Indeed, since part of the point of a fountain is to draw the eye, a sharp contrast can actually work well here.

Summary Points

Symmetrical fountains always work well in a central location

Fountains intended to be placed to one side can be irregular or balanced.

Where the room looks unbalanced, you may get excellent results by countering the fountain with something of a similar style in the opposite corner.

Battery powered desktop fountains work well for central locations.