Selecting French Door Curtains

Selecting the right French door curtains can add a lot to the mood of a room. There are many different materials and styles that are available.  Here are some tips that will take anyway any confusion as to what to select for your doors.


The first task is to measure the width of each of the doors. This will let you know the size you will need for the panels. Though an often obvious yet overlooked, this step will give you crucial knowledge for your final purchase.

Other Elements

Next, ask yourself if the French door curtains will be accompanied by any other elements, such as blinds or shades. If the answer is “yes”, make sure that the curtains you choose allow you to easily clean and arrange the shades or blinds.

Color and Texture

Also, take into consideration color and texture. An easy way to dress your French doors is to pick out an accent color or pattern in the room and buy curtains in that color. The curtains can be attached with a top-and-bottom rod to add a clean look. However, be sure that the style of curtains you pick is appropriate for the mood or theme of the room.

There are plenty of options in terms of fabric, colors and patterns when considering French door curtains. If you don’t find something you like, consider having something custom made. There is something for everyone without spending too much money.