Selecting Safety Hinges for a Children's Toy Box

Several safety measures should be taken into consideration when selecting children’s toy box. This is mainly because kids are very accident prone and it should be up to the parents or care givers to ensure that they stay safe by keeping any dangerous items out of their reach. 

Toy Box Hinges

Children tend to put their fingers almost anywhere when they play. It is important to select toy box hinges that are securely fitted leaving no room for the child to squeeze their fingers into the hinge. Taking this into consideration, it is advisable to shop for hinges that are covered with plastic to prevent children from getting any access to the hinges.  

Avoid Slamming of Door

The other major risk with children’s toy box is the falling of the door. This problem could as well be sorted by the use of hinges that hold on tight and will not fall back when left halfway open. This will guarantee the child’s safety at all times.