4 Shed Windows Styles

A shed window.

Shed windows come in a variety of styles and designs. Before purchasing windows there are things to consider such as the budget, the way the shed will be used and security features. The following styles will help demonstrate the vast array of windows to choose from and the benefits of each one.

1. Fixed Window

These shed windows are low-cost and can incorporate either glass or plastic. They do not allow for ventilation but will supply the shed with a good light source.

2. Hung Window

Hung windows are functional windows that can be opened. They come in two styles that are either top hung or side hung. They can be installed with multiple types of glass such as horticulture glass that allows heat into the building or double pane glass that keeps heat inside of the building.

3. Sliding Sash Window

This is a window that is more expensive than others. Often, it is purchased for its visual appearance. This window is closer to the look of a house window. It can be purchased as a horizontal sliding sash window or a double hung sliding sash window. These windows come with glass and are able to retain heat.

4. Security Window

Security windows are made to keep out thieves. These windows are narrow and horizontal in shape and they do not open. They are ideally placed high in the shed walls.