Selecting the Best Window Casing for Your Home

One feature of a home that easily captures attention is the set-up of the window and its window casing. A window casing is a part of the house which is visible from outside and is therefore one of the determining factors in determining the aesthetic value of your home. The décor of the window can set the mood of what the house is conveying as an artistic display. Window casings have various styles which can have the modern adaptation to antique styling that could compliment the rest of the interior décor of the home.

The Different Styles of Window Casing for the Different Types of Home

Window casings may be categorized into 3 essential layouts which could be interpreted in various ways. There is the traditional picture frame set-up which shows 45-degree mitered corners with molding details that cover the entire window. The 4 sides show the same molding. The characteristic of the molding is simple and could be adapted to any kind of molding. The other installation style is the board and batten carried by older homes. This style is characterized by vertical molding on dual sides of the window. The top and bottom are cut square. The lower portion is attached horizontally to the top and bottom moldings. The top could have a crown-accented molding while the bottom could fit in a low ledge. Mitered corners could be replaced with corner blocks. The window casing may have carved and embossed details with different designs to accentuate it like geometric squares to floral details.

Materials Needed for Window Casing

There are a lot of commercial moldings available at home improvement stores. The popular choice for this when material is concerned is the finish. For the vintage or stained effect on the design, wood is the choice, but is expensive. The varieties of wood moldings include oak, ash, mahogany, walnut and maple. The more intricate particle board is the MDF or the medium-density fiberboard. This material is normally painted and have sealants applied all over it to protect is from moisture which could damage the material. The surface of this material is smooth. Household moldings utilize Styrofoam and polystyrene. They can be molded into any form as its composition is light and are the cheapest.

The  Types of House Design for each Type of Window Casing

An architectural design varies according to one’s taste. There are however 3 main categories for home styles. The modern type of home design is normally without any window casing. The moldings used here are smooth. The casings hold simple lines and details are nominal. The other home style is the contemporary style which holds a number of conventional details. The corner blocks are ordinary and use mitered corners. This design is the typical favored style. The other home style is vintage and antique-replica style that older homes adapt to. The moldings used bear more intricate designs. The board and batten is frequently installed with crown moldings used as accents.