Selecting the Right Combination Door Locks to Install Selecting the Right Combination Door Locks to Install

A combination door lock will contain a pad of keys. In order to enter the car it will be necessary to provide the proper code. This is a version of a keyless entry system but does not come with a remote. If you are frequently loosing your keys or tend to lock them in the car, then a combination lock entry has many advantages. Be aware that the brand and type of lock are very important as some are not secure and anyone can enter the vehicle. Look to reviews and recommendations on the different products available. 

Keyless Lock Box

This combination lock is perfect for a vehicle as it can be mounted to the frame, wheel well, car body and tow hitch. This is a lock box for keys. The car keys are placed inside the box and then the box is shut. Only the correct combination will open the box and reveal the keys. Think of this as a hide a key but for your vehicle instead of your home. It is very sturdy and is corrosion resistant.

Essex Keypad Keyless Entry System

This system is perfect for those individuals that may frequently lock themselves out of their vehicle or have difficulty finding the car keys. To enter the vehicle a 3 to 8 digit code is entered. There is no key or a remote that will send the car a signal. It is possible to input up to 5 different access codes to provide temporary access to other drivers. The actual keypad will be mounted beneath the sheet metal of the body and is attached directly to the door face. It is very small and environmentally sealed. 

Bulldog TP-100 Touch Pad

This system is very easy to install as there is no drilling needed, which means the vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty is still in place. It is easy to program the touch pad. This system is only compatible with power door locks. It does not matter if the power locks are aftermarket or factory. The battery on the system has a 5 year warranty and lasts on average about 7 years. Ultimately, the system works like a wireless system. Once the correct code is entered into the keypad the system’s transmitter will tell which door to unlock.

SecuriCode Keyless Entry

A version of this system was first used by Ford in the 1980s. Today it is also used for Lincoln cars. This is called smart access as a key code can be entered into the system or a remote key fob used. This latest keypad is not visible until the driver touches the correct panel. Then the keypad will light up. This system uses the same technology that is used for the touch screens on iPhones. It is very durable and will withstand salt spray, water immersions, dust, mechanical shocks, thermal changes and vibrations. This system is completely invisible.

Ford Keyless Entry Pad

With this keyless entry system it is possible to arm and disarm the alarm and lock or unlock your vehicle. In order for the system to work the code must be entered within 5 seconds. The system will come with a preset code but you can also program your own. A personal code will not erase the factory code; simply add on another code that can be used with the system. 

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