Selecting The Right Location For Your Azeleas

Azaleas are a beautiful flower and a lovely addition to any yard. The key is to plant them in the right location for optimum result and benefit.


Light Requirements

Much like a rhododendron, azaleas need bright light; not the heat of direct sunlight. Exposure to the north is preferred and somewhere close to trees where they can be cooled by partial shade.


Water Drainage

It’s important to keep the soil of the azalea flower plant evenly moist. If it is watered too much, damage to the roots will occur. You can lightly spray the azalea to create moisture and to prevent spider mites.


Soil Composition

Azaleas prefer to be planted in early spring or late fall and the soil should be acidic with a pH level of 5.5. Keeping the soil well-drained is vital. You can prevent water log, yet maintain consistent moisture, by adding mulch around the base of the plant. The best materials to use for mulch are pine needles, oak leaves or fir bark.

You can pinch or prune azaleas to your desire to add fullness. Protecting your azalea from the wind is important to its survival. The azalea will also not fare well in extreme cold weather.