Selecting Tile: Understanding Quarry Tile Selecting Tile: Understanding Quarry Tile

Quarry tile is extremely popular and used for several different projects. If you are considering using quarry tile for your patio or next home project here is a little information to keep in mind. 


Quarry tile is unglazed and not showy. It is natural as well as durable and is pretty course. It is made from shale and blended clays and are made to be extremely strong.


You can find quarry tile in many different colors, shades and designs. While it used to be used a lot in industrial settings, people are starting to use it a lot more in their homes and yards. Because of this, the designs and colors have expanded.

Using Quarry Tile

Since quarry tile is porous and not glazed, it makes it great to use with adhesive and grout. The downside though to this type of tile is that it also retains water so you will have to be concerned about molding. To ward off the mold and other problems, a layer of wax can be used as a sealant. It can be great to use in bathrooms or kitchens as anything that falls on them can blend in to the style and it is hard to crack or break.

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