Selecting Tile: Understanding Terra Cotta Tile

If you are considering using terra cotta tile in your next home project there are a few things you may want to know to help you make your decision. Terra cotta tile has its own distinctive look and requirements.

Glazed or Unglazed

Terra cotta tile can be purchased either with or without a glaze. Unglazed tile will require a sealer to help prevent staining from normal use or if something is spilled on it. As a rule the glazed tiles cost a bit more but you save time not having to seal it.

Where Will You Use It

Generally terra cotta tile is used indoors unless you live in a warm or temperate area. Since this tile is thinner and a bit more brittle than other tiles it doesn't withstand great temperature changes or cold weather if used outdoors. If you live in a warm area you can use either glazed or unglazed outdoors to give your patio a rustic, hand made appearance appearance.

How It Is Made

Terra cotta tiles are both manufactured or machine made and will be of a uniform size and thickness or you can also purchase handmade tiles that will vary in size and thickness. Many people like the handmade tiles since they are rustic, have slight imperfections and give an artisan look to your project.