Selecting Wood to Use for Window Stool Trim

The window stool (also called the window sill) takes some abuse from the environment. Damp and cold come from outside through the window above and hot air from heating from the inside. When deciding what type of wood to use there are several factors to take into consideration.


How will the stool be finished? If it is to be stained and sealed than you will want ash, oak or another hard wood. If it is to be painted you can choose a softer wood or wood that is “paint grade”. This type of wood may be finger-jointed. This type of wood is a less expensive option. You may even be able to use MDF (medium density fiberboard) for the stool.


To increase the durability of the window stool be sure the wood has been kiln dried and will be properly sealed when installed. To keep the wood from cupping, order quarter-sawed wood. One tip is to lay the stool ring side down so that if the wood cups it will cup down instead of up.

Choosing the correct wood and installing it properly will insure that your trim will last for years.