Self Leveling Concrete Joint Fillers

Concrete joint filler is something that is easily accessible, and very commonly used. Self leveling concrete joint fillers can be found at your local home improvement stores.

The use of concrete joint filler is wide. It is used to fill cracks in driveways, basements, patios, and the list goes on. Below you can explore some of the uses for this, as well as why it is a great solution to your cracks in your concrete.

Simple Description

Self leveling concrete joint fillers are pretty much everything you just read in the title. It can be purchased in large quantities, or in tubes for the smaller jobs. This substance is usually a white mixture that is applied to cracks, or openings, and is simply applied and left alone to level out and create a smooth area on whatever you are working on at that present time.


More common nowadays than in days past, is the use of concrete for driveways. This is because concrete is pretty durable, and is a very good do-it-yourself project as well.

Even though concrete is very durable, there is always a chance of cracking, and because it is long lasting, sooner or later you are sure to get a crack or two. Concrete can be attractive, but it doesn't have that curb appeal if a million cracks are seen. Using self leveling joint concrete fillers is an easy fix to this solution. Inexpensive and easy to use creates yet another do-it-yourself project for your driveway.


Concrete joint fillers are very commonly used in basements. This is because you can usually purchase it in either small or large quantities depending on the size of your basement.

Again, because these type of joint fillers are self leveling there is no need for more work on your end. Simply apply the self leveling concrete joint filler to the crack that is present and let it do the work itself.


Something that may be unknown to the average person is that self leveling concrete joint fillers can and are used while brick is being laid. Not during the process, but after the bricks are present and set, the joint fillers are then used between the bricks.

These joint fillers are bought in tubes, so it is easily used to run the tip down the middle of the bricks in a straight line, creating a beautiful brick project in the end.

Large Areas to Work with

As stated above, these joint fillers can be purchased in large quantities in the same manner as small amounts. If you are working on a large area, the best idea is to buy large, and mix large. Pour it out over the area you are working on and smooth it out just a bit, and let it sit. Because it is self leveling it will smooth itself out entirely and create a level area.

Technology and substance mixtures have come a long way. These joint fillers make it possible to do a very fast, easy, and presentable do-it-yourself project.