Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles

Using self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles is one of the most popular ways to quickly and easily cover a floor. Many people are turning towards self-adhesive vinyl tiles because the installation process is so simple. Here are the basics of self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles and why you might want to consider them for your floor.

Simple Installation

The installation process is the biggest draw for this type of floor. You simply peel off a protective coating on the back of the tile and then stick it to the floor. You do not have to worry about using a trowel or any adhesive during the process. You can use a simple utility knife to cut the floor if you need to as well. This makes it the one of the easiest floors to install on the market today.


You can use this type of floor in a number of different environments. Since it is made out of vinyl, it is very good with water. Therefore, it is a great choice for kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms, and basements. It is very easy to clean and you can wet mop it if you wish. It is also a little softer underfoot than if you were to go with ceramic tile, hardwood, or laminate.