Save Money and the Earth with Second Hand Consignment Save Money and the Earth with Second Hand Consignment

Save Money and the Earth with Second Hand Consignment

Historically, it was commonplace for younger members of the family to be given the hand-me-downs of their older siblings. Although the clothes weren’t always fashionable, the money saved from re-using clothing turned this necessity into a tradition. In the past, families often had many children and parents didn’t have the funds available to purchase each child a brand new wardrobe every year.

If you have ever had the pleasure of raising a child, then you can appreciate the speed at which they grow. Most toddlers are lucky to be able wear their new sneakers three times before their feet have outgrown them. So, once your child outgrows their $45 shoes, what happens to them? Unfortunately, many families simply choose to throw the shoes and any other pieces of ill-fitting clothing into the trash bin.

According to the University of California, over 350 trash bags containing clothes and textiles are thrown into the Siskiyou County landfill each month. Multiply this number by every landfill in the United States and you can see a huge amount of clothing being thrown out. Add to this the tons of children's toys that get trashed and the number is simply overwhelming.

This excessive number of trash bags just sits in our landfills, moldering away, forgotten and useless. Not only is it a huge waste of money, but it’s terrible for the environment and for the country.

When we consider the number of needy or homeless families in the United States, these bags of clothing are seen through a different perspective. There are hundreds of thousands of needy people who would appreciate and value this clothing and thousands of children who would cherish these forgotten toys. So, how can you do your part in helping reduce the waste?

First, look in the Yellow Pages for a directory of consignment shops local to your area. These shops sell previously used merchandise at a significantly reduced price. They accept all types of goods -- from clothing and toys to furniture and jewelry. You can not only buy from consignment shops, but you can sell your unneeded items there as well.

Take your old clothing or merchandise to a consignment store and when someone else buys them, you’ll get a share of the sale. With this money, you can turn around and purchase different items at the same store, which will save you a considerable amount of cash, not to mention that less trash is going to the landfill.

There are also thousands of Salvation Army collection centers nationwide. These large, metal containers can usually be found in grocery or department store parking lots. It is important to remember that these depositories are specifically for clothing, not toys, furniture or other goods. The Salvation Army then takes the clothing and ensures that many homeless or needy families get the clothing they so desperately need.

Thrift stores like the Goodwill Store are another source for inexpensive clothing, and a great place to take your excess. While these types of stores don’t offer the monetary benefit of a consignment shop, they do offer quite a large selection of quality merchandise. Also, if you wish to avoid the hassle of taking clothes to a consignment store, you can simply drop off your items in a donation bin.

If you have children and are going through some financial difficulties, these consignment and thrift shops are a valuable solution to many of your life’s needs. Because the quality of the clothing that makes its way to these stores is quite good, it’s easy to purchase your children name brand clothing that still looks new, and in many cases, still is! This ensures you get quality clothing at an extremely low cost and it helps prevent your children from feeling embarrassed for having to wear outdated or otherwise deteriorating clothing and shoes.

Whether it’s a consignment shop, a thrift store or the Salvation Army, donating your clothes rather than throwing them out provides numerous benefits. You’ll be doing something to help your fellow man and the planet, and you’ll feel great doing it. If you shop at these stores, then you will save money on quality goods and you will also be helping the planet by keeping the items out of a landfill.

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