Community Activities For Seniors Community Activities For Seniors

by Alden Smith

Many seniors tend to live in areas of the community that are easy for them to access shopping, local hospitals and stores. They do not wish to drive like they used to due to failing eyesight and less than perfect reflexes. This raises the dilemma of having nothing to do. Seniors should not have to just sit at home in front of the television and waste away until they die. They need to be an active part of their community and enjoy what is around them. Many communities, especially larger ones, have much to offer for the senior looking for community activities to participate in. Here, we will discover what community activities are available, and how you can access them.

Free Entertainment Activities

Free is good. With seniors living on a fixed income, this is especially true. Many free activities are also designed to meet your cultural needs, like free nights at museums. Let's look at some things we can do for free:

* Usher at the opera. Many operas and ballets need ushers.
Because these venues always run on a tight budget, they
need volunteers to help them hand out programs
or help show people to their seats. You benefit from being
on the "inside" of these groups, often meeting performers
and getting the opportunity to see what happens backstage before
the curtain goes up.

* Be a tourist in your own community. Many of us have
spent years in a neighborhood and yet haven't had the
opportunity to see what is around us. Take a day off
and visit local restaurants you have never been to before.
Make a hobby of trying different cuisines and ethnic dishes.
Go to the local markets, such as fish markets
and farmer's markets. Try new and exciting things in your
own neck of the woods.

* Visit the local library. If you don't have Internet access
or are afraid to try a computer, the library is the place to
get your feet wet and learn. Spend time checking out all the
books you never had a chance to read. Volunteer at
the library to read to children. Many libraries have a
children's day, and this is a good opportunity to be around
them and help them to grow.

* Go to gallery openings and on art walks. Many gallery
openings serve hors d'oeuvres and offer wine for visitors
on openings. You have a chance to meet artists and view
new art or photography in your area.

* Go to literary readings. Many new authors give readings
at local libraries and book stores. You can meet the
authors, get them to sign the book they have written, and
enjoy the camaraderie of fellow literary enthusiasts.

* Go to free lunch time concerts. Many cities offer these
happenings in the summer, giving you the opportunity to
visit a local park or riverfront for an exciting lunch
time concert. Take a friend, pack a picnic lunch, and
enjoy the free music.

* Check out local pubs and coffeehouses. Every university
town has coffeehouses that cater to poets and
authors, and often you can hear great poetry
and sample the local espresso. Many places have an open mic
night, where you can read your own poetry
or sing at a karaoke event.

* Attend free lectures and local events at the community
college in your area. Many times these are open to the
public at no cost. Many community and non profit agencies
offer similar activities free of charge. Check your local
newspaper and community listings to get an idea of what's
out there.

Working For Good

A lot of seniors have experience and knowledge that can be of great benefit to others. If you enjoy gardening, now is the time to put that knowledge to use. Join your local gardening club and hob nob with fellow gardeners. If you have lots of room on the homestead, consider starting a community garden to help those less fortunate than you. This is not only a good way to help people learn and share in locally grown produce, but can be a learning experience for local children who have lived their lives in front of a TV. The possibilities are endless.

A lot of seniors feel helpless and lonely after retiring and the children have left home. It does not need to be expensive to enjoy leisure time activities. You do not need to travel to far away places to enjoy life. A great deal of it is already around you. Taking the time to be involved in your community not only leads to new friendships but allows you to stay active and healthy.

Looking for a community with lots of senior activities? Learn more about them here.

Alden Smith is an award winning author and regular contributor to He writes on a variety of subjects, and excels in research.

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