Senior Citizen Communities

As Baby Boomers retire, and their children have left home, they begin to realize that the big house that was perfect for a family of five is no longer suitable for them. The higher utility and electric bills, the big lawn to mow and the overall maintenance of a big house is daunting. When people retire, they wish to enjoy themselves. Now, many seniors are opting to join senior citizen communities. This population doesn't need nursing homes or caretakers. They need more freedom and independence. An independent living seniors' community could very well be an ideal solution. This article will discuss senior citizen communities, and will cover what is available, the cost and convenience, and what to look for.

What is a Senior Citizen Community?

A senior citizen community is a lot of different things - it can be built for seniors who wish to have a simple apartment that requires little care and has a staff that does maintenance. It can be a bustling community with tennis courts and a world class golf course. A variety of cultural and other activities are almost always within commuting distance. These communities are built with seniors in mind. They are generally handicap accessible, have nice gardens, and are located in an area that is close to shopping and other activities. Owners of a modern independent living seniors' community must realize that today's seniors are mobile. They can come and go as they please and will not hesitate to leave if a place does not satisfy them. Just as there are a variety of places to live, there are a variety of prices and a large variety of terms and conditions. Some of these communities are used by seniors during winter months, or as a second home.

What If I Need Health Care?

Many of the communities today offer a range of services that might include some nursing care on an as needed basis. Some of these communities will offer a complete range of services from an area for strictly independent living to a nursing home for those seniors who need continuous nursing care. There are communities that specialize in facilities for wheel chair bound seniors. Nursing staff is always available for this population, and some have resident staff to assist as needed.

Where Do I Find A Senior Citizen Community?

Finding the right choice is not hard. Many seniors have internet access or have children and grandchildren who can assist. A search of the internet using the keyword phrase "senior citizen communities" returned a result of 17,800,000 options. If you’re selling your big home in the country, keep in mind that the real estate agent you work with can be a big help. There are real estate agents who deal only in locating appropriate community homes for seniors. Each of these communities offers various attractions for seniors. Some specifically address medical issues or social interests.

Different Types of Communities

Besides communities that focus on highly mobile seniors in decent health, there are others that serve the senior citizen. Congregate housing is one of these. Originally designed by the government as a subsidized form of an Assisted Living Facility (ALF), they now provide seniors with apartment-like units. These units give seniors some privacy, but do not include kitchens. Meals are served in a main dining hall. Staff is available to provide activities, housekeeping and supervise the seniors living in the housing units.

Independent Living facilities are another type of community homes for senior citizens. These facilities are similar to those found in congregate housing except that the individual apartment has a kitchen and is similar to a standard apartment. There is usually a dining hall for those residents who don't want to cook. Staff is also present to provide activities, housekeeping and other services. Nursing staff is usually available to check on these residents.

Community living for seniors has something for everyone. If you want a home that is maintenance free, has no lawn to mow, and provides activities, then the options are endless. If you need assisted care, these communities are available. Many of these retirement communities sound like a resort when advertised. Many of them actually are. Different attractions will obviously appeal to different kinds of residents, which also helps provide the feeling that retirement living is much like a long vacation. It should be.

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