Seniors and Part Time Jobs Seniors and Part Time Jobs

Seniors and Part Time Jobs

Many times, people who reach retirement age become bored and unhappy after the newness of not working every day wears off. It is not uncommon for people to get ill because they just seem to have something missing from their lives. Often, too, retirement funds don't quite go as far as they expected them too. With inflation and gasoline and grocery prices constantly rising, what may have been good to retire on 20 years ago is just not enough today. Now, many seniors are finding part time work. It not only helps them with expenses, but also fills a need to be useful and to make new friends. In this article we will discuss why it is a good bet to hire seniors, and also discuss finding the perfect part time job for you.

Why Hire Seniors?

Many companies are finding that the work force today is largely comprised of young people who are more interested in their lives and families than their jobs. To complement this, a lot of employers turn to senior citizens, who have the work ethic, are flexible in work hours and have years of experience that the younger work force does not have. Studies show that the fastest growing work group in the United States is now seniors. These mature, experienced individuals already know the score. They are dependable, and know that this quality makes them a valuable resource. Many employers are short handed, and the senior citizen working part time helps to fill that void.

What is Offered?

Every time you walk into a Wal-Mart store, you are generally greeted by a senior citizen. Although an entry level job, it gets the active senior into the work place and allows them to meet new people. Many accountants can use part time help during tax season. It is a good opportunity for a retired accountant to give a helping hand. Companies around the nation are always looking for part time help in every industry. There is no lack of opportunities available. The want ads in local newspapers are a good place to begin. There are always opportunities available under part time employment. In a small rural community, this is what I found. A convenience store that needed a part time cashier. They also needed someone to fill their coolers on a part time basis. A lawn service that needed someone to help part time in the busy season. A local farmer whose wife had died needed someone to help him maintain his home, and needed someone that could fix meals for him.

What is Available At Home?

There are many opportunities available for the person who is retired and wishes to work from home. Nowadays, telecommuting is offered by companies who need people for such things as data entry and other computer related tasks. Examine your skills. Are you a good writer? There is no end of jobs available on the web for people who write. Content is always needed for web sites and companies that outsource. Sites such as and offer opportunities for people with writing and programming skills. Be careful here. There are many scams on the internet that take your money and you end up not making a cent. Sites such as envelope stuffing, filling out surveys, and sites that guarantee you will make money by signing up for various programs and offers are highly suspect. A good online resource is This site rates work at home projects and gives them a rating of A through E. Be very sure to use extreme caution in sites that ask for credit card information. Before you know it, you have a ton of useless stuff and a high credit card bill.

Services For Employment

Use your local employment service to find part time work. They can fit your profile in to just about any job or category, and they look at jobs that fit your work experience and field of expertise. They will then match you with something that you are both good at and comfortable doing. Many part time jobs can only be had through these services.

Seeking employment at retirement age makes sense. Even if you have planned well, Social Security and retirement benefits may not be enough for you to be able to travel and enjoy what should be the best time of your life. Working even part time can keep you happy and productive, and you can spend that extra money on things that improve the quality of your life.

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