September DIM Star: Mosaic Tile Fireplace Makeover September DIM Star: Mosaic Tile Fireplace Makeover

Once a month we like to shine the spotlight on an impressive DIYer by giving their shared project the ol’ “Did It Myself” (DIM) stamp of honor. And, as an added bonus, all DIM Stars are automatically entered into consideration for our first annual DIM Awards next May.

This month we congratulate “fixitupwoman” on her fireplace makeover. Share your project and next time it could be you!

What They Did

"Fixitupwoman" updated her fireplace by painting the outdated oak mantle with a fresh coat of white paint and tiling over the marble with multi-colored mosaic tiles. The total cost of the project was $150.

Why We Like It

We've all seen those outdated fireplaces with green marble, tacky brass, and an oak mantle (We may even have one in our own homes). This DIYer took her fireplace into the 21st century with some simple upgrades any DIYer can accomplish. The combination of white paint over the outdated oak mantle piece and the colorful glass tiles brighten up the space and create a new focal point for the room that people will actually want to look at.

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