Septic Tank Problems: 4 Signs of Trouble

Unfortunately, most septic tank problems are not very easy to repair, and are oftentimes incredibly expensive as well. Therefore, it is imperative that if you own a septic tank, you take time to notice the problem as soon as it starts. These signs are very obvious and blatant, so discovering them should not be incredibly difficult.

Slow Draining

One of the most easily recognizable signs is slow draining as your flush the toilet. Upon flushing, you will notice a dramatically slow drain; this is intensified after a hard rain. First try drain-clearing solutions, and also try to plunge it. If the problem still persists, it is most likely a septic tank issue that should be seen to right away. The problem within the septic tank that causes slow draining is usually a clogged plumbing vent or a fixture that is not vented.

Foul Odor

Another very noticeably sign is a foul odor coming from the tank. This is the most common sign that something is wrong with the tank. The odor will not only be outside, but will also fumigate throughout your house. If you notice this sign of a septic tank problem, it is likely caused by the plumbing system being vented improperly. Additionally, it could also mean that the entire septic tank system is on the verge of failing. Because of the potential seriousness of the situation, it is very important that upon noticing this sign of a septic tank issue, you call a professional to check out the problem right away.


Newer septic tank systems have a built-in alarm that will alert the homeowner of septic tank problems. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not even aware that there is an alarm built into the septic tank. However, if you do, this alarm is located either inside or outside of the house. When it goes off, it will either flash a red light or emit a beeping noise. 

Green Grass

Green grass is one of the least noticeable signs that there are septic tank problems. In the heat of spring and summer, this sign may not even be recognizable unless you are searching for it. However, if it is wintertime, and all the other grass is dry, the sign will be much more noticeable. Nevertheless, if you see that there is greener grass over the drainage field of your septic tank, there is most likely a leak within your system. The grass is greener because the septic tank is providing the grass a large amount of nutrients and liquid from what is flushed.

Septic tank repairs are often very costly. However, by catching the septic tank problems early, you may spare yourself quite a large sum of money. Pay attention to see if any of these signs appear throughout your home. If they do, see to it that the issue is taken care of immediately. Otherwise, you will be forced to pay for a very costly repair, or build an outhouse!