Septic Tank Pump

If you reside in an area that is not connected to a main or municipal sewage line, you probably have a septic tank for sewage waste. If you do not have access to a government mandated septic tank pumping company, it will be wise to purchase a residential septic tank pump, as they are required by law in some states.

How septic tanks work

A septic tanks purpose is to contain all sewage waste, which is essentially anything that goes through a drain in your home, and where human waste is decomposed by bacterial action.

The biodegradable waste in a septic tank decomposes by natural bacteria and the absence of oxygen. Over a period of time, usually every two or three years, a septic tank pump will be necessary to pump out the irreducible solids which will gradually fill up the septic tank.

Preventing septic tank pumping

It is advised to have a separate line that runs from your washing machine and kitchen to alleviate having your septic tank pumped. If this is not possible, never discard oil of any kind, cooking fat, or grease in any household receptacle. However septic tanks are able to withstand a limited amount of substances like drain cleaners or laundry detergent.