Septic Tank Risers Explained

A septic tank.

Maybe you've just done a new install, or you simply want to know why septic tank risers are used by many homeowners.

Explore the information below on what a septic tank riser is, what materials they are made from, and why you would want, or need one.

What They Are

Septic tank risers are simply an extension of your tank to ground level. With a riser present, you can easily get into your septic without causing havoc on your yard.

Why Use One

Septic tank risers are a good idea for several reasons. As stated above, they allow easy access, so they don't dig up your yard. They are easy to install, and most new installations require you to have one.

Different Kinds

Risers are made up of either concrete, PVC, or polythene.

Concrete is heavy, and is not as attractive, however, it gets the job done. Polythene is a good choice because it is resistant to chemical corrosion, and does not rust easily. PVC is easy to install, and waterproof.

If you keep in mind the above information, it should help you understand septic tank risers. This will come in handy for any new install, or help with the one you currently have.