Setting Anchor Bolts in Concrete

Anchor bolts are placed in concrete to secure beams and other structures that reside on top of the concrete. Setting concrete bolts requires an understanding of the curing process and the timing necessary to properly place the anchor bolts and have them accessible for their purpose when the concrete dries.

Setting the Anchor Template

The anchor template, which houses the bolts as they protrude through the cement, is set in place at the time the concrete is poured. The template should be rigid and be set precisely where it is needed to support its structure. Local building codes dictate where and how many anchor bolts are required, depending on the type of structure being supported.

Curing Process
The concrete once poured will set in a few hours. Most concrete cures to 90 percent strength in a month’s time. The anchor bolts must be stiff and not move during the entire curing process. If the bolts become loose during the curing process, they will need to be removed and the area will need to be re-poured and reset.

You can avoid this by following all instructions and reducing any potential stress or pressure that may cause the anchor bolts to move. Set the anchor bolts during the time of the year when the weather is more favorable in order to prevent any structural failure because the bolts were unable to properly set.