Setting Ceiling Fan Direction for Summer Weather

Setting Ceiling Fan Direction for Summer Weather

Running a ceiling fan in conjunction with an air conditioner during the summer months aids in keeping the air cool within a home. This is important for energy efficiency. Done correctly, you will not have to run the air conditioner or the fan non-stop, thus saving money and energy.

It is important to be sure that the fan is moving in the right direction for summertime use. It should be moving counter-clockwise when looking up from the floor. If the fan is doing this, it will not have to be switched. Otherwise, you need a ladder to flip the switch on the fan into the right position.

Safety First

Using the remote control, the pull chain or the wall switch, turn the fan off. Be sure to let anyone else in the home know not to turn this switch back on.

Wait for the fan to stop completely. Place the ladder under the fan, securing it into place.

Flip the Switch

Climb the ladder and locate the switch. It will most likely be a plastic toggle switch, and it should be located vertically somewhere on the base of the fan. Listen for a click as the switch is flipped in order to be sure that the task is completed. If a click is not heard, the switch may not be completely in place.

Test the Fan

Climb down from the ladder and move it out of the way. Use the wall switch, remote control, or pull chain to start the fan.

Stand under the fan and check that you can feel a breeze. The blades should be moving in a counter-clockwise fashion. If not, repeat the steps above to move the switch into the alternative position.

How It Works

When the fan is set properly during the summer months, a cool breeze will be noticed when moving around the room or sitting down to relax. The fan itself is not providing cool air, but is simply circulating the air around the room. The fan is not necessary when no one is in the room.

When It Gets Chilly

If it seems too cold in a particular room, try lowering the fan speed or turning it off completely. Experiment with this until the setup for that particular room is known.

When the fan is running properly, it will circulate the air in a room enough to keep the room cool on hot, summer days. It should be noted that high halls may not need ceiling fans to be run during the summer.