Setting The Alarm: Home Monitored Security System Basics

Woman programming a security system
  • 1-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-2,000

An alarm home monitored security system is an excellent option for those looking for added protection against intruders. In many cases, security systems not only add peace of mind, but will reduce your monthly insurance premium. A monitored security system is one which uses an outside company to monitor for the alarm. If the alarm is triggered then they automatically contact you and the police or fire department.

1. How to Set the Alarm

Each alarm system is different to some degree but they all utilize a remote control panel. Typically this panel is located near the front door of the house. To activate it you enter a security code. When entering the home with the alarm activated, you have between 30 and 60 seconds to enter the code and deactivate the alarm system.

2. When Should You Activate Your Alarm?

The most important time to activate your alarm is whenever your home will be empty or after everyone has gone to sleep. This should be done by the last person to leave the house or go to bed.

3. Things to Consider with Alarm Activation

woman pushing button on home security alarm

One of the biggest problems that occurs when home monitored security systems are activated is a false alarm. If you are utilizing motion detectors then you will need to consider the location of these motion detectors. Make sure they are installed in rooms that will not be walked through at night, unless an intruder enters the home.

Another factor to consider when activating home monitored security systems with motion detectors is if you have any pets. If the motion detectors are properly installed they will be angled to not detect motion below a certain level. This level should be set high enough to prevent them from detecting your pets.

4. Picking a Home Monitored Security System

There are many companies which offer home monitoring services. Most of these offer similar services and similar pricing structures. Investigate each of the companies to determine which most effectively meets your needs. It is also a good idea to utilize resources such as the better business bureau to find out if they have a history of receiving complaints.

Another factor to consider when looking at home monitored security system companies is if they outsource the monitoring service to a third party. Most companies which outsource this task offer a slower reaction time.

5. Installation Costs

Some home monitor security companies require that the security system components must be installed by a professional. Some offer you the ability to install the system yourself using their components. If you can find a company in your area that allows you to install the system yourself then there is an opportunity to save some money.

Each home security monitoring company requires you to utilize their specific hardware. It has been designed and programmed to work with their systems properly. Most offer varying types of security hardware, including window and door sensors, motion detectors, and video cameras.