Setting up a Benchtop Lathe Workshop Setting up a Benchtop Lathe Workshop

For many people, having a benchtop lathe is the perfect option for their home workshop. While a benchtop lathe is not going to be very useful with large scale turning, it is perfect for small table legs, bowls, pens, and drilling and sanding projects. Setting up a workshop around your lathe does take some considerations.

Plan for Maximum Use

A benchtop lathe is still going to require a certain amount of space to be useful at all. Plan out your workshop so that it coincides with this space requirement. A good rule to follow is 6 to 8 eight in front, 3 feet on the sides, and 3 feet in the back. By doing this, you have plenty of room to maneuver stock, have an uncluttered work area, and be able to clean up much easier.

Have Separate Bench

A cluttered workshop is an unusable workshop. When setting up your benchtop lathe it should be housed in a separate bench in an area dedicated to turning only. Be sure to guard it from becoming a dumping ground of other tools that you do not use very often. 

Cabinet for Tools

Turning wood with a lathe requires several different cutting tools, spindles, other specialty parts that help with different applications. You should keep these tools organized in a cabinet that is dedicated to their use. 

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