Setting Up A Grape Trellis For Your Yard

A grape trellis provides support for the heavy fruit laden grape vine. Grapes that grow on a garden trellis are safe from rotting and able to get the sun and water needed to stay healthy. For one or two grape vines a basic trellis that looks like a fence is perfect. 

Tools Needed for Backyard Grape Trellis

  • Two pre-treated wood posts
  • 12 gauge galvanized steel wire
  • Staple gun 

Step 1 - Determine Post Size for Grape Trellis

A tall trellis promotes good growth for grapes grown in warm climates while a short trellis is ideal for maintaining grapes grown in cold climate with severe winters. Posts are eight foot for a tall trellis and three foot for a short grape vine trellis. The diameter of the posts should be three inches. 

Step 2 - Know Where You Want the Grape Trellis

Grapes need plenty of sun and water so decide on the best area in yard for the grape trellis. Dig two foot deep holes for the eight foot posts and one foot holes for the posts that are three feet. The distance between the posts should be eight feet. 

Step 3 - Securing the Posts for the Grape Vine Trellis

Cementing the post into the ground keeps them from falling over in severe weather. 

Step 4-Setting Up the Garden Trellis

Once the posts are in place run galvanized steel wire between the two posts. The first wire measures three inches off of the ground. The second wire runs across the top of the post. Wrap the wires around the posts and use the staple gun to attach the wire to the post. 

Step 5-Using the Grape Trellis

Plant the grape vines and over time train them to climb the trellis. When the vine is high enough tie it to the wire with string.