Setting Up a Portable Garage

Having a portable garage is a convenient way to set up storage temporarily. They are great if you are renting your home, or don’t plan on needing it for long. Here are a few things to remember when setting yours up.

Level Ground

Before you start setting up your portable garage you want to make sure it’s on level ground. It just makes things much easier if the land is somewhat flat. If you aren’t able to find level ground, you can try to make it level by using concrete blocks or even wooden planks. You won’t be driving on these pieces, so it won’t matter what you use.

Muscle Power

Most portable garages will set up very easily. Most of them come with very clear directions and will set up just out of the box.  It’s generally just a matter of setting up some poles, bracing them for security, and threading the tarp over the poles. They can be heavy and awkward though. It would be advisable to get a friend to help you with the set up.

There are many varieties of portable garages that you can purchase extensions for. This is helpful if you are storing something quite tall like an RV, or need additional room for storage. These usually install just as easily as the original garage set up.