Seven Advantages of a Handheld Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Wet Dry vacuum cleaners have a number of advantages which make them more appealing than other types of vacuum cleaners to some customers. Here we shall discuss some of these benefits of such vacuum cleaners.

1. Cleaning Made Easier

Cleaning any type of spillage is easier and more convenient when using these types of vacuum cleaners. They make it much easier to pick up dirt of various kinds and even liquids.

2. Portability

Handheld vacuum cleaners are very portable and this makes them beneficial to use for various small jobs and in various places. Furthermore, if they have the wet-dry function, they are even more beneficial as they can be carried around anywhere to clean up both wet and dry spillages, since as long as they are charged they do not need an electricity source.

3. Filtration Possibilities

These types of handheld vacuum cleaners have the advantage of providing the possibility of filtering the dirt particles they suck up. This is also more feasible and beneficial thanks to the wet or dry vacuuming options.

4. Suction Power

Handheld wet dry vacuum cleaners usually have a higher suction power which makes them ideal for cleaning up both wet and dry spills. The suction power is even greater, since liquid spillages need more power and strength to be sucked up well.

5. Easier to Clean

These vacuum cleaners are relatively easier to clean since very often they do not include bags or sacks which have to be emptied and disposed of. If you clean the filter each time you use your wet-dry vacuum cleaner, you will be protecting your vacuum from any caked-on dust and it will extend its life considerably.

6. Helpful Accessories, Functions and Tools

Most vacuum cleaners incorporate similar accessories and tools. However, most models of wet-dry vacuum cleaners have better squeegees, motorized brushes and more extendible crevice tools. This makes these vacuum cleaners more handy and ideal for cleaning restricted places, stairs, cars, between cushions, corners and grooves. Since they even manage to pick up wet spills, their squeegees are usually of a better quality. Wet-dry vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning both floors and carpets, and manage to collect very small particles ranging from dust, pets’ hair, crumbs and other spillages, including liquid spills. These wet-dry vacuum cleaners all incorporate an automatic shut-down device which has the ability to regulate the sucking of the vacuum cleaner once a certain level of liquid sucked up is reached, which makes the vacuum cleaner quite full and hence requires disposal. The nozzle of such vacuum cleaners is usually much wider in order to enable a quicker sucking action since it can cover a larger area. This is especially beneficial when cleaning liquid spillages.

7. Various Sizes Available

The power of wet-dry handheld vacuum cleaners varies, although most models are very powerful when compared to normal handheld vacuum cleaners, since these have to be able to suck up liquid spills as well. The power is also affected by the actual size of the vacuum cleaner, and in order to meet customers’ different requirements more effectively, there are various sizes of handheld wet-dry vacuum cleaners available on the market. The issue of portability and weight comes into play here, but even small vacuum cleaners are rather strong when they are of the wet-dry range. For larger scale jobs and for businesses, such vacuum cleaners are available at an even greater power and are consequently slightly larger.

When considering these advantages it can be ascertained that it is a good idea to purchase one of these vacuum cleaners as they make cleaning easier, amongst other benefits.