Bathroom Glass Tile Ideas

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Bathroom glass tile offers features that regular tile doesn't. If you're considering remodeling your bathroom, glass tile is an excellent choice.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is tile that is made of glass. For the environmentally friendly, recycled-glass tile made from disposed bottles and jars can be purchased. Glass tile is sold in a variety of colors and shapes. It can be a single solid color or a medley of colors intermixed. Because glass is translucent, light penetrates the tile, creating more depth than you get from ceramic or stone tiles.

With almost an infinite array of options available, it's easy to create a unique and fascinating design with glass tile, especially in the bathroom, where tile is commonplace. Glass tile can be used in shower stalls, backsplash areas, and even ceilings.

The Cobblestone or Pebble Look

Glass tile can be purchased in oval shapes. These stones can be used to mimic the image of a riverbed or stream. With a wide variety of colors available, you can better convey a natural look. Different sizes are available to suit any purpose.

Circular Design

A circular droplet pattern is a great design choice. You can make big droplets or small ones. Add opaque glass or solid-colored glass for extra zest.

Honeycomb Design

Glass tile can be set in a pattern like that of a honeycomb. Each tile has a hexagonal shape. Use your own color choice of grout to place the tiles.

Brick Design

If you like the look of brick and the simplicity of its rectangular shape, bathroom glass brick is available. You can install it either vertically or horizontally in almost any color.

Stained Glass Design

Stained glass is often associated with windows and Tiffany lamps. Glass tile can be mixed in a mosaic to resemble stained glass with your own assortment of colors.

Iridescent Glass Design

Similar to stained glass, this design creates a rainbow of colors from either a solid or mixed-color surface. Also known as reflective glass, iridescent glass is made by mixing several glasses together while they are still hot. The process creates multicolored swirls of color, similar to butterfly wings.

Glass Chair Rails

Compliment your glass tile with a glass chair rail. The chair rail is a strip or rail in a room at the height of a chair. They were originally designed to keep chairs from rubbing against the wall. Today, chair-rails are known for their aesthetic beauty.