Seven Green Garden Watering Tips Seven Green Garden Watering Tips

Your green garden may be a very important area of your home. The most important things for having healthy plants are water and soil, and to make your garden truly "green," you have to implement some environmentally friendly tips when it comes to watering.

1 – Watering the Plants On a Less Regular Basis

To save water and avoid over-watering your plants, try watering them less regularly, but every time you water them, make sure that you give them enough water. Leave an interval of about two or three days before you water the plants again. In this way, the plants in your garden will develop stronger roots that go deeper into the soil, and the plants will not be as thirsty as they were before. Therefore, you will also be saving water. When you water your green garden, remember to aim at the roots of the plants. The water will keep the plants healthy for a longer period of time if you water the plants directly in their roots.

2 – Collecting and Using Surface Run-Off Water

Do not ignore any water that you notice flowing on the roof of your house. You can make use of surface run-off for your plants. Place a barrel under your roof so that the water will pour into it, and when you see that the water stopped flowing, you can water the plants with that water.

3 – Getting Rid of Brown Patches or Spots

If you have a lawn and you see any brown patches, do not worry. Water the brown areas and make sure that you use only enough water to keep the soil moist. Do not use too much water or you will risk flooding the area. If you use enough water and the soil is moist, grass will grow again in the brown areas.

4 – Watering Your Garden With Boiled Water

If you boil an egg or some vegetables to make a salad, do not throw away the water. You use the water to water the plants in your green garden.

5 – Washing Pets and Cars in the Garden

If you have a car or a pet, you can take them in the garden and wash them there, so that the water you use for washing the pet or vehicle will not be wasted, but will flow into the soil.

6 – Preventing Over-watering

If you usually water your green garden with a hose, try replacing the nozzle with a new one that reduces the volume of water that comes out from the hose. In this way, you will not be giving the plants too much water. On the hand, another way of preventing over-watering in your garden is by removing any sprinklers you have in the area. This is because sprinklers tend to use more water than necessary.

7 – Installing a Wetpot

If you decide to install a wetpot in your green garden, it will help you save a lot of water. A wetpot will allow the water to flow deeper into the soil and will also keep the plants in your green garden fresh and beautiful.

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