Seven Original Kitchen Pantry Styling Ideas

If you’ve decided to add or update your kitchen pantry, consider these space-saving and attractive styles.

Open Designs

If you have a more rustic look in your kitchen, consider an open design. These types of pantries are generally built right into the wall and feature no doors. You can always add a few cabinets with doors to hide anything that need not be displayed. The nice thing about open designs are that you can see everything you need right away. They also tend to motivate people to keep their pantries uncluttered as they are completely visible by anyone who walks in to the kitchen.

Hidden Storage

If you don’t want your pantry to be a focal point of the kitchen, consider a concealed pantry. To achieve this, you only need to purchase doors and hardware that match those on your existing cabinets. The seamless look is a great idea for any kitchen as it is guaranteed to match your décor.

Pull-Out or Rolling Pantry

If space is an issue in your kitchen, consider using a pull-out pantry instead of a traditional cabinet  style. These are designed to fit in tight spaces, like between the refrigerator and a counter, and will just pull or roll out for additional storage. These pantries can be easily disguised when covered with a panel with a small handle.

Corner Pantries

A corner pantry is a great space-saving idea for a smaller kitchen. Corner space is often wasted. Adding a pantry that fits snug in the corner won’t take much room out of your kitchen and offers the advantage of adding additional storage that you wouldn’t ordinarily have.

Butler’s Pantry

If you have the space, a butler’s pantry will provide ample room for storage and maybe even a sink or wet bar. The butler’s pantry is becoming more and more popular in new home construction. It allows for easy entertaining as you can simply place dirty dishes and things that need to be put away out of sight until you have time to get back to them.

Recycled Doors

If you are looking for a really unique look, try to find an interesting old door to use as your pantry door. There are places that specialize in antique home elements and salvaged home parts. You can find some great finds and have a kitchen that will give guests something to talk about!

Glass Door Pantry

If you have a very modern kitchen, a pantry with a glass door design will allow you to keep that same modern element. If you don’t like the idea of a completely clear door, choose one made of frosted glass. While glass doors may require a little more cleaning than other types of doors, this type of pantry will motivate you to keep the space clutter-free since the shelves are visible.