Installing Pavers 7 - Finishing Up

1. Inspect your work, making final adjustments in brick height and joint alignment. Then sweep dry sand into all the joints to lock the brick into place.

2. To further set the brick, you may want to use the plate compactor to set the brick and gently tamp it down. If a compactor is used, spread a layer of sand over your pavers to prevent contact between the brick and the compactor.

3. The sand you swept into the joints will gradually settle. You should sweep additional sand into the joints as necessary over the next few rainstorms until the bricks are fully stabilized.

Relax and Enjoy

This is the best part. Take a well deserved rest and feast your eyes on your own creation. You’ve completed a paving project that will enhance the value of your home and, since brick only looks better with age, you can enjoy for years to come.

Courtesy of The Brick Industry Association