Several Methods to Remove Concrete

Large crack in concrete
  • 3-10 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-150

The need to remove concrete can arise for many different occasions, whether it is due to a defect to it or undertaking a complete refurbishment. Understanding what methods can be used for the process is essential to ensure that no damage is done to the surrounding surfaces.

1. Jack Hammer

It is possible to rent a jackhammer from an equipment hire company to remove concrete easily. This is especially beneficial for removing a deck that has been entirely made from concrete. They can be used to break the concrete up into smaller pieces so it is easy to remove and transport. When using a jackhammer, you should ensure that you have all the necessary safety equipment to use with it. Take into account the size, weight and vibrations of the machine to ensure that you can handle it before deciding on this option.

2. Crowbar

In the event that you need to remove concrete slabs, you may find you can do so with a crowbar. As hardened concrete is not malleable and has no give, using a crowbar to pry up the edge will cause it to break or lift out of place. It is ideal for use on paving stones that have gaps between them where the crowbar can be worked into.

3. Chemical

There are chemicals available on the market that can be used to soften concrete to make it easier to work with. They can be applied to gaps in the concrete or holes you have drilled to ensure it gets deep into the concrete. These chemicals are highly toxic and should be used carefully to ensure that no harm results.

4. Sledgehammer

sledgehammer next to broken concrete

A sledgehammer can be used to remove concrete by breaking it up first. When using this method, ensure you protect yourself from any flying particles. A shovel can be used to lift all the resulting broken pieces of concrete to make it easier to dispose of them. This method will be particularly effective on relatively thin paving slabs. Connecting the head of the hammer to strategic points, such as corners and edges, will make it easier to work on thick concrete in order to break it up.

5. Pick Axe

Where it is necessary to remove concrete that has been laid thickly, a pickaxe can be used to create cracks in it. These can be used to break it up further by widening the width of the cracks with the use of a crowbar or screwdriver. Safety is important when using this type of tool to prevent injury being caused. If it is being hired, ensure that you follow any guidelines you are given.


Drilling holes deep down into the concrete can weaken the structure of it and make it easier to break it apart and remove it. Use a drill bit that is long enough to work as deep into the concrete as possible. Further, make sure the drill bit is suitable for use on concrete.