Several Types of High Security Locks Several Types of High Security Locks

Many car owners opt to use a high security lock to supplement their current lock and anti-theft protection. With these locks it is no longer possible to open the door with just a coat hanger or piece of metal. Normally if a person tries to open this type of lock, it will damage the lock further resulting in a very costly repair. Many vehicles will have high security locks such as armored cars and vehicles that are put under a lot of stress or contain high value contents. Certain companies such as retail trucks, logistic vehicles and couriers all use vehicles with these high security locks.

Power Lock

A power lock will completely protect a vehicle from being stolen, especially from being hotwired. By using a sealed electronic system, if the voltage changes even a little bit when the car is locked, the entire system will not start. Even if the entire system is removed from the vehicle the car will still not work. This system uses solid state circuitry and also comes with a valet mode switch so the system can be deactivated when a valet is parking and retrieving the vehicle.

Steering Wheel Lock

While this might not sound like a high security lock, it can prevent your vehicle from being stolen. These locks will completely immobilize the steering wheel. These locks are made from high grade steel and are easily visible, which is an additional deterrent. It is impossible to remove the lock unless you have the key or just happen to carry a blow torch with you. There are many different models and even locks that are designed for commercial vehicles, 4x4s and steering wheels with large airbags.

Locking Wheel Nuts

These wheel nuts can be used to ensure that the wheels cannot be stolen from the car. Many thieves will take a pair of rims and tires and traditionally car locks and alarms will not do anything to prevent this. High performance tires can be very expensive. The best locking wheel nuts can withstand more than the recommended torque and even if the thief can make a master key are still hard to remove. There are many different types of locking wheel nuts that can fit all different types of wheels. Many of the new vehicles come with this on their tires.

Wheel Immobilizer

This is a very popular lock that is typically used for muscle cars, exotic rides, classic cars and hot rods. These old cars do not tend to be very secure and are particularly vulnerable to theft. They are attractive because they will stand out from the crowd and can also be very valuable. This car lock is easy to use and can be used any time you park the car. This is a wheel clamp and can be used by itself or in conjunction with other anti theft systems.  These locks are popular because they are light weight, easy to use, use a tumbler lock combination or keys to open. This works like a boot clamp and there are different models that will fit all different tire sizes. It can be used on SUVs, motorcycles, trucks and all cars.  

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