Sew Your Own Canopy Bed Drapes

What You'll Need
Two pieces of large fabric
4 Curtain poles (equally 6 inches larger than the width of your bed)
Drawing pin
Sewing machine

Canopy bed drapes add such a wonderful sense of style and comfortable flow to the bed and the bedroom. It is almost a necessary addition when you have purchased a canopy bed for you room. If you are picky or if you would like to use a specific fabric you have found, you can actually create and sew your own canopy bed drapes. It really is not that difficult and it can be accomplished one snowy or rainy weekend day.

Step 1 – Before You Begin

This drape looks incredibly simple. However, if you opt to use a pattern fabric, you must purchase extra fabric to ensure you properly align the pattern together. If you have a narrow fabric in place, you will have to be prepared to double the fabric with a seam and straighten and align the fabric with your bed. Again, purchasing extra fabric in this instance is recommended.

Step 2 – Measure for the Canopy Bed Drape

Attach your curtain poles, per the manufacturer’s directions. The canopy bed drape is constructed so that the top portion is attached to the wall by the head of the bed and the bottom is attached below your mattress. Your starting point is the wall. Decide on your ending point and mark off the location where the drapery will be fixed. Run string from the start to the end and measure that piece of string.

Step 3 – Visually Drape String

Using the string, drape it from one corner to the next, until you are happy with the draping effect. Measure the length of string again and add enough additional length for your seams.

Step 4 – Measure for Width

Using your bed as a guide, measure the width of the drape.

Step 5 – Cut and Stitch

Cut the fabric to the length you need (as you have already measured in a previous step). Remember to leave room for seems. Join the pieces of fabric together to make your needed width. Pin an edge on the fabric and then sew in the seam using your sewing machine. Press your piece of fabric. Turn over the fabric and stitch a piece Velcro along the edge, to create an opening for your poles.

Step 6 – Push Fabric onto Poles

Push your fabric drapes over the poles and allow it to drape all the way to the bottom of the bed. Use the Veclro to fix the top portion of the fabric to the wall (by the headboard).

Step 7 - Adjust the Drape for Finishing Touches

Secure the bottom portion using the Velcro again. Adjust the drape until you are happy with the way it looks around your bed. Take the drape in place by using additional small squares of Velcro.