Sew Your Own Canopy Curtains

What You'll Need
3/4 yard fabric per foot measured
3/4 yard lining fabric per foot measured
12 inches of matching ribbon per curtain panel(optional)

Sewing canopy curtains is simple and from start to finish will take about 20 minutes per panel. Making your own curtains allows for a custom look that will match your bedroom decor.

Step 1: The Measurements

The first thing you will need to do is to measure for the curtain. First, using a measuring tape measure from the floor to the top of the canopy bed post. Add 6 inches to the measurement. There will be 2 panels per side and depending upon whether you want the entire bed curtained you will either need to measure for 4 curtain panels or 8. Four will allow for 2 on the left and 2 on the right of the bed while 8 will allow for 2 curtains on all four sides of the canopy bed.

Step 2: Buying the Fabric

When purchasing the fabric choose a pattern that will match the decor in your bedroom for the outer curtain. For the lining choose a fabric that is light weight that will allow for an airy feeling. You will need to buy 3/4 yard of fabric for every foot measured from the floor to the top of the bed post. To make the sewing process easier have the fabric cut into panels when you purchase them. For example, If you need 8 yards of fabric for one panel, have all of the other panels cut separately rather than having a large piece cut that you will need to cut down at home. You will need to get individual panels of lining cut as well that are the same length as the outer fabric.

Step 3: Sewing the Canopy Curtains

First, join the lining fabric and the outer fabric together with the pattern sides touching. Sew a 1/2 inch seam across the bottom and sides of the fabric. Leave the top open. Iron the seams flat for a stream lined seam.

Turn the fabric right side out. Fold down 3 inches from the top and sew across to form a pocket for the curtain rod. Trim any access fabric from below the stitch line.

Pin a piece of 12 inch long ribbon to the center of the lining side of the curtain. Sew width wise across the center the ribbon to hold it in place. This will be the tie back for the curtain. This step is optional and can be omitted if desired.

Step 4: Hanging the Canopy Curtains

Once the sewing of all the panels is complete it is time to hang the curtains. Run the curtain rod through the pocket on the top of the curtain making sure that the lining side is facing toward the bed. Hang all of the panels in the same manor. Allow the curtains to drape easily to the floor for a romantic look.

These curtains are easy to make and create a custom look to your canopy bed.