Sewage Pump

Sewage pump models for home use are commonly used in conjunction with septic systems to remove waste from a home and properly deposit it in a leach field. A sewage pump may also be required in other circumstances, as well.

Why sewage pumps are important

A sewage pump is an important feature in a home system for a number of reasons. They are most commonly required when a home’s fixtures and plumbing lines are located lower in the ground than the sewer line or septic system. These devices are responsible for:

  • Pulling refuse away from a home – A sewage pump is a necessary piece of equipment in some cases to facilitate the proper flow of refuse out of a home and into a sewer or septic system.
  • Sanitation – When conditions call for the use of sewage pumps, keeping the machine functional will be important for sanitation sake. Slow removal of waste or even backups can occur of a sewage pump isn’t in place.

Maintaining a sewage pump

Keeping up with maintenance on a sewage pump is important to ensure proper functioning. The basic steps involved in maintenance include such things as part inspection, professional testing to assure all parts are working correctly and protecting pumps from unnecessarily large pieces of refuse from kitchen or bathroom wastes.