Sewing Silk Valances Sewing Silk Valances

Silk valances can complete the look of a window treatment, enhancing a room's overall design. You will also find that quality fabrics like silk add texture and richness to the decor.

The Fabric Chosen

First, select a fabric which is not difficult to work with on a sewing machine. Furthermore, the  fabric should be easy to iron when washed. Such fabric will be easier to maintain a clean and tidy look over time. This is especially important in the  case of valances which need to look straight and rigid. If creases are present or are difficult to remove the overall effect of a valance will be ruined. Silk is a good option because it looks elegant and at the same time it can be washed and ironed relatively easily. Most silk does not end up with too many creases if washed carefully. Silk is not expensive allowing you to purchase enough to add some extra touches such as ruffles.

The Colors and Texture

The texture and the type of fabric should match that used for sewing the curtains. However, if you had sown the curtains before and are thinking of adding valances at a later period you might find some difficulty in matching the valances with exactly the same fabric. In such a case a good idea is to examine the curtain’s main color and try to select silk which is in that shade or a slightly darker tone.

Window Covering

Valances are not only ideal for decorative purposes but also for practical ones. They are especially helpful in rooms which have a lot of bright light coming in from the windows during the day. Consequently, valances are useful for window covering purposes as well. In such a case it is best to choose silk which is dark as it will improve the darkening effect. However, keep in mind that this has the disadvantage of possibly starting to fade slightly after a couple of years and so you might need to sew new valances if the color starts to look unsightly and too faded.

Prepare and Cut Patterns

It is best to make some research as to various types of patterns one could use to make valances. Most silk valances are ideal for classic settings. However a different pattern with fewer ruffles can be adapted in a contemporary or even modern setting. Make sure to draw out the patterns carefully and to cut them. Using patterns while sewing is very helpful. It will also lessen the probability of making mistakes and so a neater job can be ensured.

The Dimensions

The patterns will be based on the dimensions you choose to utilize. The valance length can vary depending on your tastes. Make sure to make a good decision, since having valances which are either too long or too short may ruin the look of the window and the curtains.

Sewing silk valances is not overly difficult especially if you have a knack at sewing. Here we have outlined some basic considerations which you should bear in mind when sewing silk valances.

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