Sewing Tabs Onto Tab Top Curtains Sewing Tabs Onto Tab Top Curtains

What You'll Need
Fabric for tabs
Curtain panel
Curtain rod
Sewing machine
Measuring tape
Iron and ironing board

Tab top curtains are a great way to feature an odd-sized or decorative curtain rod. At the same time, it will allow you to update old curtains to look like new. If you have a curtain from a previous house or another window that needs extension, sewing tabs to your old curtain is a great solution.

Step 1 – Choose the Fabric

Choose a fabric that will go well with your curtain panel and is similar in weight and texture. This way, your tabs can hold the weight of your curtain panel especially if they are made of heavy fabric.

Step 2 – Measure Curtain Panels and Tabs

Measure the length of the curtain and measure how long you want the tabs to be. Test it on your curtain rod by wrapping the measuring tape around it and extending the tape to how long you want it.

Step 3 – Cut the Tabs

Lay the fabric for your tabs and fold such that two right sides face each other. Now cut the tabs but double the length that you measured in the previous step and add an inch of seam allowance for width and length.

Step 4 – Sew the Tabs

Sew the tabs starting on one long side up to the corner and then pivot to continue stitching to the shorter side. Continue to the other corner up to the other long side leaving one short side unstitched. Now turn it right side out and iron to make it flat. Do this for all the tabs. When done, pin the tabs in place.

Step 5 – Complete Tab Top Curtains

Sew all the tabs along the top of your curtains. Repeat for the other curtain panels. Now your tab top curtains are ready.

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