Sewing Tips for Felt Fabric

A collection of craft supplies including rolls of felt.

Sewing tips for felt fabric are helpful to those who want to move beyond art projects and into more complicated crafts. With felt fabric, you can create numerous projects with attractive results.

Look for Larger Pieces of Felt

You may find the fabric stores sell small squares of felt fabric instead of larger rolls. This can cause troubles if you want to make larger projects. If you want larger felt pieces, look online at fabric and specialty shops. Ask them to send you the largest pieces they have, which are often far less expensive than shopping for smaller pieces. However, if you are creating small projects, smaller pieces are a perfect fit.

Use Felt for Certain Sewing Projects

Felt is a material made of fabric that has been pushed into its form. As a result, it doesn’t stretch or move easily. When considering felt for a sewing project, it’s best to avoid clothing projects as clothing needs to stretch at times, and felt will not be accommodating.

It's better to use felt to create smaller items or crafty pieces that can be decorative. Blankets are also possible with felt, though a patchwork design allows the felt to keep its shape more easily.

Plan Your Felt Project Carefully

When using felt in a project, you will want to plan carefully ahead of time. Once you put a stitch or a hem into a piece of felt, it is difficult to remove without damaging the project. Check your measurements and your pattern more than once before adding a stitch or a hem.

If you’re unsure of your project’s arrangement, use pins to secure the pieces of felt together to check their placement before sewing the pieces by hand or with a machine.

Be Careful With Felt

Since felt is already a tightly packed fabric, you will need to ensure this remains the case. When felt is stretched too far, it will lose its shape and grow irreparable holes. Felt should never be used in a pattern that might put force on the felt. In addition, you will not want to have the felt near heat since it can melt and lose its shape. This is why you don't see many clothing items made from felt fabric.

Sewing With Felt

Hand sewing felt is a possibility and it can be easier than using a machine. However, as with all hand stitching, consistency is the main concern. Even stitches are necessary for an attractive result. So, if your hand stitching isn't even, it is best to use a machine.

Make sure to use medium-sized needles as too large of needles can create holes and smaller needles may break. A blanket stitch is the best choice, though a whip stitch will also work. Create a medium tension with the stitches so as not to pull at the felt.

Sewing with felt can be a fun way to add a new fabric to your skill set. However, as felt is a compressed fabric as opposed to a woven one, it does have different rules.